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Let’s be best friends!


Ashley & Dawn

Ashley and I first met in 2004 when we were both attending the same university and majoring in Visual Communication and Design. Basically we saw each other nearly every day while we learned the foundations of design and fostered a mutual love of aesthetics.

At the time, we were friends, and we shared a love of desing and the same musical tastes (Brandi Carlile!), but I don’t think either of us realized just how much we had in common back then. Fast forward a few years to 2012 and I was working as the VP of Creative at a small marketing agency and was in desperate need of an art director to join the team. Although we hadn’t done a great job of keeping in touch, I reached out to Ashley, and luckily she was interested, and we began working together in the graphic design and advertising field.

In 2010, I had started a side hustle, DesigningDawn.com, where I blogged about my home projects, fashion finds, design inspiration, etc. and was completely hooked. With features in Apartment Therapy, House Logic, DIY Network Blog, Disney Baby Blog, Design Sponge, just to name a few, and a regular gig over at Remodelaholic, it quickly became a huge part of my life and identity, and one that I treasured.

By the time Ashley bought her new (old) house in 2016, we had become very close, with an excellent working relationship. We had also come to realize that we are basically brain twins. We nearly always agree on strategy, and have similar tastes not only in music, but also in design, interior styling, and fashion, among other things. We also both suffer from anxiety— an unfortunate curse of many creative folk.

While Ashley was planning the makeover of her home, I tentatively asked her about contributing a few blog posts to Designing Dawn, but we quickly realized what an amazing opportunity this would be for us to team up, start something brand new, and share our interests and our passion for aesthetics with other creatives out there… like you!

A(ashley)+D(dawn)=AD, and given our shared background in advertising, if we were an agency, we’d be an AD Agency, but we really just want this to be about creativity and beauty… and so AD Aesthetics was born. This blog is where we share our love of all things creative and beautiful. We write about what interests us, and occasionally about our struggles with anxiety. We’re so glad you’re here, and can’t wait to explore all the pretty things with you!

Ashley Stuhr


designer, blogger, & aesthete

Hey there! I’m Ashley. In high school I used to plaster my bedroom walls with magazine advertisements and logos that I cut out of shopping bags, so it’s only fitting that I “grew up” to be a graphic designer. While I don’t cover my walls in magazine pages these days, I am still obsessed with all things typographic. I’ve been with my partner Sara for 3 years now, and we’ve recently moved into our 1920s era house that we are working towards making our forever home. And, for the first time in my life, I’m finding myself having to compromise over home decor decisions – a task quite difficult for this only child. I love music, photography, urban exploring and dream to visit all 50 states.

Dawn Sailors


designer, blogger, & aesthete

Hi! I’m Dawn. When I was little, I wanted to grow up to be a cartoonist for Disney. These days I’m obsessed with graphic design, hand lettering, interior decorating, and basically anything that I find inspirational or pretty. I’ve been married to my husband, Brett (an amazing, and amazingly agreeable man) since 2010. We have two pretty great offspring, Vera and Juniper, and one giant cat named Lucious. We also have a fixer-upper of a house that I use as my playground and my canvas. I suffer from Generalized Anxiety Disorder (GAD). I also still watch the occasional cartoon. My motto: Make everything beautiful.