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FREE Desktop Downloads: Crystals

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Free Desktop Downloads from AD Aesthetic • Crystals


Hey everyone, it’s Ashley here with September’s FREE wallpapers. If you’re a new reader, you should know that each month Dawn and I pick a theme in order to bring you two original desktop wallpaper designs for your computer and/or phone. You can then download them to dress up your tech in a way that fits your mood or the season. Sound awesome? Check out all of our previous designs here.

This month’s free desktop theme: Crystals

Occasionally over the course of this blogging venture, Dawn and I have both talked pretty candidly about our personal struggles with anxiety. Dealing with anxiety is taxing and while it’s not necessarily crippling every day, it does flare up at some pretty inconvenient times. Over the past few months, I’ve really been embracing alternative ways of trying to keep my anxiety at bay. It started by bringing a Himalayan Salt Lamp into my bedroom and has progressed to diffusing essential oils, regular chiropractic care and keeping a positivity journal. So, when Dawn casually mentioned she’d been collecting crystals, I was intrigued. I started reading online about the ability of crystals to store, transmit and transform energy, and how some could even help ease stress and anxiety! What did I have to lose?!

I asked Dawn to take me to the store where she finds hers, and after picking up one gorgeous amethyst, and a handful of various stones, I think I’m hooked. While I’m still on the fence about whether they are actually helping with anything, they sure do look great! Bringing another natural element into the room certainly makes my eyes happier, and that makes it worth it.

With our fledgling love for crystals at the forefront of our minds, both Dawn and I thought it appropriate to share that beauty with you in the form of desktop wallpapers. Enjoy!



Free Desktop Downloads from AD Aesthetic • Crystals by Ashley

Crystals by Ashley

Download Ashley's Crystal Desktop Wallpaper (138 downloads)
Download Ashley's Crystal Phone Wallpaper (151 downloads)


Free Desktop Downloads from AD Aesthetic • Crystals by Dawn
Crystals by Dawn

Download Dawn's Crystal Desktop Wallpaper (126 downloads)
Download Dawn's Crystal Phone Wallpaper (114 downloads)

Do you buy into the healing powers of crystals? If so, do you have a favorite stone? Whether you believe crystals have energies or think they’re nothing more than minerals from the earth, I’m sure you can at least agree that they’re pretty! And if you like beautiful things, I’m sure you probably also enjoy switching up your desktop and phone wallpapers often. Well, you’re in luck! We create new designs each month, so be sure to check back in. In the meantime, browse our library of previous desktop wallpaper designs here. And, don’t forget to let us know your fun theme ideas for future months in the comments!


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