Free Desktop Downloads • Get Organized • by AD Aesthetic

FREE Desktop Downloads: Get Organized!

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Free Desktop Downloads • Get Organized • by AD Aesthetic

Hey friends! Ashley here with our first desktop downloads of 2017!

I’m going to start us off by saying this: I absolutely love the beginning a new year. Each year, on December 31st, I like to sit down to have a contemplative moment with myself. During this moment, I reflect on the year that has just passed and make a list of my top ten moments. Then, I do the cliche thing (cliche because it works) and create a list of 10 resolutions. Sometimes they’re simple like, “call my mom more often”. Other times, they’re more complicated. I don’t always stick to them, but I figure even if I only keep it up for a month, I’ve still bettered myself for that month. That feels worth it.

I tell you this because our theme for this month’s desktop downloads comes from one of my 10 resolutions for 2017. It’s a resolution that both Dawn and I share, and we figured some of you might too. That resolution is, “Get Organized!”

We each had a slightly different takes on the theme. Dawn chose to invoke the theme through the power of a simple design with clean typography and motivational words, while I designed a desktop organizer to help you track your files and keep that desktop clutter-free. We hope you find them inspirational and wish you luck in your resolutions! Enjoy!

Free Desktop Downloads • Get Organized • by Dawn • AD Aesthetic

Get Organized by Dawn

Download Dawn's Get Organized Desktop Wallpaper (116 downloads)
Download Dawn's Get Organized Phone Wallpaper (108 downloads)

Free Desktop Download • Get Organized • by Ashley • AD Aesthetic

Get Organized by Ashley

  Download Ashley's Get Organized Desktop Wallpaper - 2560 x 1440 (147 downloads)
Download Ashley's Get Organized Laptop Wallpaper - 2560 x 1600 (139 downloads)
Download Ashley's Get Organized Phone Wallpaper (138 downloads)


The organizer comes in a few sizes, so choose the one that best fits your screen size. Because it did not translate well to a phone background, I’ve instead provided you with the simple marble image (sized appropriately). Use it to keep your phone clean and clutter-free.

After downloading, take a moment to organize your desktops. Throw out old screen shots and other junk that’s been lingering around. Consolidate your images and files into folders and archive any projects that you’ve finished. Then, sit back and enjoy your freshly organized desktop.

If you’ve missed any of our previous designs, you can always find all of our free downloadable wallpapers here. As always, if you have any fun ideas for themes that you’d like to see in the upcoming months, let us know! We love to hear your suggestions. 🙂

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