Free Desktop Downloads from AD Aesthetic • Ice Cream

FREE Desktop Downloads: Ice Cream

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Free Desktop Downloads from AD Aesthetic • Ice Cream

Hey lovely readers! Can you believe it’s the end of July already?! I’m not sure what happened to this month, it flew by so quickly! It feels like just yesterday we were lighting off fireworks and celebrating the 4th. Last year when we started this blog, Dawn and I promised you one thing. That one thing: consistent, monthly desktop wallpapers, and by golly we’re not going to break that promise now! With not a day to spare, I bring you our FREE desktop wallpapers for July!

This month’s free desktop theme: Ice Cream

Some of my favorite summer memories revolve around ice cream. Many summer weekend days were spent out on the family boat, on a lake, in small town Nebraska, learning to water-ski and splashing around in the water. The BEST part of a lake day for me though was always the drive home. You see, before jumping on the highway back to my hometown, we would always stop for ice cream at a local ice creamery. Two weeks back, we traveled home to visit my parents, and, in true summer fashion, we made that same drive out to the lake. After a day in the sun, we even stoped for ice cream on the way home — oh the nostalgia!

With all of the sizzling hot summer days we’ve been having, it just felt right to celebrate summer with a cool treat. We hope you enjoy your ice cream wallpapers!

Free Desktop Downloads from AD Aesthetic • Ice Cream by Ashley


Ice Cream by Ashley

Download Ashley's Ice Cream Desktop Wallpaper (117 downloads)
Download Ashley's Ice Cream Phone Wallpaper (107 downloads)

Free Desktop Downloads from AD Aesthetic • Ice Cream by Dawn

Ice Cream by Dawn

Download Dawn's Ice Cream Desktop Wallpaper (98 downloads)
Download Dawn's Ice Cream Phone Wallpaper (103 downloads)

Do you have a favorite ice cream flavor? I waver between the salty/sweet goodness of a sea salt caramel and the classic taste of mint chocolate chip. Yum!

If you enjoy switching out your desktop and phone wallpapers as much as we do, there’s plenty more to pick from. We do this each month, and you can find all of them here. We are always looking for fun theme ideas to use in upcoming months, so if you have a theme you’re dying to see, be sure to let us know in the comments!

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