Rain • FREE Desktop Wallpaper by AD Aesthetic

FREE Desktop Downloads: Rain

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Rain • FREE Desktop Wallpaper by AD Aesthetic

Hey there lovely readers, it’s Ashley here with a fresh new set of wallpaper designs! Each month, Dawn and I pick a theme at random in order to bring you two original designs for both your phone and computer. All you have to do is check back each month, click on the design you want to download and dress your tech to fit your mood or the season. It’s that easy.

Dawn and I are both constantly switching up our desktops, so if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to check out our library of previous designs too. As for today’s freebies, the theme is rain!


This month’s free desktop theme: Rain

Well, we’re clearly on a weather kick when it comes to our desktop themes this year. It’s kind of hard not to be when a month ago we begged for sun and it is still overcast and rainy. On a positive note, April has brought slightly warmer weather. So, at least it’s the kind of rain we can enjoy.

Though it might be an unpopular opinion, I truly love a nice light rain on a warm day. Not only does it smell wonderful, it creates this nice, melancholy mood that hangs over the day. You know the kind, it’s a heavy mood that makes you want to curl up with a  cup of coffee and a good book or spend the afternoon listening to slow, sad songs. AKA, an introvert’s dream day, or at least this introvert’s dream day. I really like to feel all of my emotions and a rainy day is just perfect for introspection. I think Dawn and I are alike in that way, which is why both of April’s desktops have a bit of a dreary feel despite the clear message of love for rainy days. If you feel similarly, get to downloading.

Rain by Ashley • SQUARE • AD Aesthetic

Free Desktop Downloads from AD Aesthetic • Rain by Ashley



Rain by Ashley

Download Ashley's Rain Desktop Wallpaper (64 downloads)
Download Ashley's Rain Phone Wallpaper (58 downloads)

Rain by Dawn • AD Aesthetic

Free Desktop Downloads from AD Aesthetic • Rain by Dawn


Rain by Dawn

Download Dawn's Rain Desktop Wallpaper (53 downloads)
Download Dawn's Rain Phone Wallpaper (53 downloads)

How does the rain make you feel? Do you love it? Do you hate it? Are you ready for the sun to come out already? Let us know in the comments below.

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PS. Don’t forget to check back next month for a new design. While you wait, you can browse our library of wallpaper designs and other freebies here. We do this each month, so if you have a fun idea for a future theme, be sure to leave a comment and let us know.


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