Some Clothes We Wore: Feeling Summertime Styles

Well I think we officially skipped right over spring this year here in Omaha and went straight to summer weather. It has been HOT! But we both prefer the heat to the cold so we'll take it. At least warm weather means we can get out and take a few outfit photos much more easily (we meant to over the winter, I swear... but you know how life goes), so last week, we did just that. You can check out our previous fashion posts here, btw. But for now, let's get to the summertime styles we're wearing this season!

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On Ashley Shirt • Madewell Jeans • Madewell Glasses • Warby Parker Enamel Pin • AD Aesthetic Watch • Nokia Health Socks • Comrad Socks Shoes • Cole Haan (similar)


On Dawn Dress • Heinui via Hello Holiday Clogs • Bryr (Emma Cross-Over) Bracelet • Lucky Brand (similar) Earrings • EARTHENjoy


Dawn's Outfit Details:
I can easily say, this has to be one of my favorite outfits of all time. Both my dress and shoes are items that are more expensive than I usually opt for, but both are also items I had loved for quite some time and saved up my pennies to treat myself with. Another reason I love this outfit is that nearly everything I'm wearing came from women-owned small businesses, including two local Omaha shops. It makes me endlessly happy to be able to support women I admire. I've worn this Kai dress from Spanish designer Heinui a few times since I got it, and it is definitely a statement piece. I've gotten so many compliments on it each time. It is exclusive to Omaha's Hello Holiday, and I was sad when they sold out of them last year before I'd gotten a chance to get one. So imagine my delight to hear that they'd brought them back this season! I ran right out and snagged one while I still could. I love it SO MUCH. The unique style with the fun colors and print are everything. My clogs are the Emma Cross-Over from Bryr in Pacific Grey, and might be my favorite shoes ever. Which is saying a lot. They are hand-made by an all women team in San Francisco, and take about 30-45 days to get, once ordered, but they feel so special and fit like a dream. The leather is all sourced from US tanneries, and is amazingly soft and beautifully colored. Chances are good that if you run into me this summer, I'll have these on my feet. Finally, my earrings... another favorite. They are handmade here in Omaha by the extremely talented and lovely Joy O'Conner, artist and owner of EARTHENjoy.  We've had the pleasure of getting to know Joy at several maker's fairs over the past couple of years, and I always seem to end up leaving each market with at least one new piece from her collection. Her work is just so beautiful and unique. Safe to say, this is my go-to outfit this season for whenever I want to feel amazing. [gallery type="rectangular" link="none" size="large" ids="|,|,|,|,|" orderby="rand"]
Ashley's Outfit Details:
Is there anything more classic on the style spectrum than a t-shirt and jeans? Not only is it comfortable, easy-to-assemble attire, it can also be dressed up or down depending upon the occasion. In the summertime, this is my go-to look. Madewell jeans are basically the only brand of jeans that I wear anymore. They fit perfect every time and last forever. I recently picked up these high-waist, button-fly jeans, and boy do I love them! The button-fly is a nice design detail that sets this pair apart from everything else in my closet, and it looks great with a loosely tucked in shirt. My shirt is also from Madewell, I'm obsessed with the wide stripes in retro colors. I love pinning our curmudgeon enamel pin to this shirt, the slender rectangular design fits right inside the stripes and adds subtle snarky fun to my outfit. My socks are from Comrad Socks, an online company that makes super stylish compression socks made for everyday use. I know compression socks sound like something your grandmother would wear, but hear me out. I sit behind a desk ALL DAY at work and when I'm in the zone, I don't move for hours at a time. Compression socks are great for keeping your legs energized and reducing soreness and stiffness that comes with sitting all day. I notice a huge difference in how my legs feel after work on days that I wear these socks, plus they come in fun colors and patterns and look great, so don't judge. My shoes are a classic chukka boot from Cole Haan. I'm kind of obsessed with men's shoes, but they never quite fit my narrow feet. These boots are actually made for women, so they fit perfectly, yet still have that classic menswear look. Also, the leather is incredibly soft and the soles have a fun pop of teal that makes them feel extra special. Now for accessories. I picked up my earrings from a Nebraska artist who was selling her goods at Junkstock. I love a good post earring, especially when they're large and give the look of gauges without actually stretching your ear. My glasses are Warby Parker, and my wrist is layered with bracelets from Pura Vida (that I picked up while vacationing in Key West) alongside my fitness watch from Nokia Health that I wear daily — I love seeing how much more active I am now that the sun is out and the weather is warm. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn't mention my new fabulous haircut. I've been visiting local Omaha stylist Anastasia at Parlor 1887 for years now. She's absolutely amazing with curly hair and recently convinced me to go even shorter for the summer. I love the asymmetrical style and am constantly getting complimented on the look. Thanks girl! [gallery type="rectangular" size="large" link="none" ids="|,|,|,|,|" orderby="rand"] * Ashlye & Dawn Save Save Save Save Save

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