DECASO Dream Space: Interior Design Bucket List Challenge

DECASO dream space • AD Aesthetic1 Hey there, friends! A few weeks ago, the fine people at Chairish contacted us about joining in the fun to announce their new sister website, I've worked with Chairish in the past on this inspirational moodboard for organizing creative supplies, and was excited to team up again. Needless to say, we were on board! is an ultra-curated selection of exceptional antique and designer furniture offered by the world's most respected dealers, and to celebrate it's launch, the folks at Chairish invited some bloggers to participate in a new challenge: the Interior Design Bucket List Challenge. The rules were pretty simple. All I had to do was pick my bucket list items from DECASO's collection and put together a dream space on an unlimited budget. Soooo... basically what I would be doing in my head as I browsed the new site anyway. ;) Challenge accepted, and here's what I came up with: DECASO dream space • AD Aesthetic

Dunbar Sofa by Edward Wormley Afshar Flatweave Rug Rag Rug Pillows Vintage Rattan Club Chair Swiss Travel Poster Print Transparent Vintage Brass Obelisks Hans Wegner Coffee Table Mid-Century Brass Swans Lotus Pendant Light Table lamps

DECASO has some really amazing pieces, which made this one of the easier challenges I've taken on in my day. Honestly, the most difficult part was deciding on which items I liked the best. I opted for a mid-century style with a bit of Southwest thrown in for good measure. That turquoise couch is just to die for, and the brass obelisks... I mean, seriously. Be still my heart.

I hope you like my moodboard. Head over to DECASO and pick out your own favorites. Trust me, it's fun!

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