DIY Rustic Farmhouse Pallet Coffee Table

Rustic Farmhouse Pallet Coffee Table • AD Aesthetic Hey there! If you're a pallet project lover, you're in luck because today we're sharing an awesome DIY pallet coffee table project as part of Remodelaholic's Pallet Challenge. Ours is just one of nine great projects in the challenge, so make sure to check them all out! You won't be disappointed. Remodelaholic Pallet Challenge • AD Aesthetic
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Now on to today's tutorial! I've introduced you to my talented twin sister, Dania, before (check out her no-sew bench project here), and I'm back today with another of her projects that was so perfect for the pallet challenge that I just had to share. This time, she and her hubby, Chad, made a DIY rustic farmhouse coffee table out of some old pallets they found. It turned out great, and I know you'll love it! farmhouse-pallet-coffee-table-%e2%80%a2-ad-aesthetic4
Here's how to make a DIY pallet coffee table:
The pallet table is actually two pallets stacked on top of each other, so the first thing to do if you're looking to make one of your own, will be to source two pallets similar in size and shape. Farmhouse Pallet Coffee Table• Ad Aesthetic Depending on where your pallets come from, they may or may not be the same size, and may not be in the best shape for a coffee table. Since a table like this one is used so often and has a prominent place in a family area, it's a good idea to take the pallets apart and sand down each board to make sure they're nice and smooth. If the boards aren't the same size, cut them to match. This table was made to be square, so each board should be the same length. While the boards are apart, it's also a great time to stain them, since waiting until they're reassembled will make it much harder to reach all those nooks and crannies. Farmhouse Pallet Coffee Table• Ad Aesthetic After everything is dry, it's time to reassemble your pallets, stack them on top of each other, and secure them together with wood screws. Farmhouse Pallet Coffee Table• Ad Aesthetic Once the table is assembled, it's time to add the wheels! To make sure the table will be safe and sturdy, be sure to buy wheels with an adequate load rating for your project. (The vintage wheels pictured in the above photo actually ended up being too small to support the weight of the table.) These industrial swivel casters ended up being perfect for Dania's table. Farmhouse Pallet Coffee Table• Ad Aesthetic Farmhouse Pallet Coffee Table• Ad Aesthetic As a finishing touch, applying a coat of furniture wax to the whole table will seal and protect the wood, and give it a nice smooth finish. For this piece, Dania mixed a tiny amount of white paint with her wax for a white-wax technique that gave the table a beautiful vintage farmhouse look. Farmhouse Pallet Coffee Table• Ad Aesthetic Isn't my sis talented? I have a few more projects of hers that I'm hoping to share in the near future, but in the meantime, make sure to go follow her on Instagram @thegermancottage. Pallets Aplenty DIYPallet Projects and Tutorials at Remodelaholic As I mentioned at the beginning of this post, we're part of Remodelaholic's Pallet Challenge today, but this is only the beginning. It's Pallets Aplenty week on Remodelaholic, so make sure to head over there to check out all the pallet goodness all week long. There will be several new project tutorials and ideas each day this week, plus a week-long pallets only link party for any and all pallet projects if you have one you'd like to share. Thanks for visiting today, and make sure to check out all the awesome pallet projects this week. :) *Dawn's signature Save Save Save Save

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