Finding the perfect vintage china hutch

 This post about finding the perfect vintage china hutch, was originally published on my old blog, Designing Dawn, in May of 2015. It's been a few years since then, but it's still one of my favorite projects, so I'm reposting here as well. Enjoy! :)

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If you follow me on Instagram, you might remember the glorious day I found this beautiful Broyhill Saga credenza at the fall edition of Junkstock. IMG_5725 I am a huge fan of mid-century furniture and Broyhill in particular (remember my amazing Sculptra desk??) but I'd never seen the Saga line before, and those stars had me at hello. Well, my mid-century modern furniture collection grew last week when I acquired the big-brother to my Saga credenza. Meet the newest member of the family‚ the Broyhill Saga Hutch (AKA, the perfect vintage china hutch!): Broyhill Saga Hutch - Designing Dawn-2 Broyhill Saga Hutch - Designing Dawn-5 Broyhill Saga Hutch - Designing Dawn-6 Broyhill Saga Hutch - Designing Dawn-7 Isn't it beautiful?? I'd been kind of aimlessly and half-heartedly on the lookout for the perfect china hutch for a few years now. I love the blue one I'd refinished a while back because it belonged to my mom, but truthfully it just isn't my preferred style and I always had an eye out for something that would make my heart pitter-patter. I tried to make it work, but knowing it wasn't the right piece for my space prevented me from ever finishing the top half of it. Which in turn prevented me from ever actually unpacking my grandma's china from our basement storage room. The passion just wasn't there and the top of the china hutch has been living in my garage, keeping the hubs from parking his truck in there, for three years now. As you might imagine, he wasn't sad to see it go. I had just a touch of the feels when I cleaned it out and moved it, but I am so in love with the new hutch that I know it was the right choice. CanvasPop Review Broyhill Saga Hutch - Designing Dawn Old Blue will go live at my sister's house (she hates the blue, but loves the style) where it will get a makeover (probably white because she prefers neutrals— I'll keep you posted.) and it will have a loving home providing extra storage in her office space. And now I've found just the right piece for my space. Even the scale is much more on-point, and the fact that it is a perfect match for the piece in the living room is an amazing find that felt like fate. I just had to jump at the chance. In case you're curious, I found the new hutch at a new mid-century store here in Omaha called Mod Lines. Actually, one of my close friends was in the store and text me a photo of another hutch she thought I'd like (yes I have eyes everywhere), but it was already sold when I called. The owner of Mod Lines, Scott, was so great to work with though. When he found out I was looking for a hutch, he sent me photos of three amazing ones he had in storage, and as soon as I saw those Saga stars, I knew it was meant to be. In case you're even more curious, I have absolutely no plans to paint the new one... like ever. I love it just as it is. I obviously have no qualms about painting furniture in general and am by no means a purist when it comes to wood, but mid-century pieces are a completely different story, and I refuse to paint any MCM finds unless there are special circumstances or they are beyond repair. The hutch was delivered last weekend and I immediately set it up and unpacked all my china. I can't tell you how good it feels to walk into the dining room and see Grandma's china on display... finally. Throw in my small but pretty Cathrineholm collection and the hutch could not look any more at home here. I seriously can't stop staring at it. LOOOOOVE. So that's the newest addition to our home— the perfect vintage china hutch! With just a few small details to wrap up (trim caulking and paint finished, and centering the light over the table...) I think I'm finally ready to call this dining room done! Yippee! *Dawn's signature Pssst. Do you follow us yet? ———> [x_icon style="margin: 0 2px; font-size: 1.75em;" type="facebook-square"] [x_icon style="margin: 0 2px; font-size: 1.75em;" type="twitter-square"] [x_icon style="margin: 0 2px; font-size: 1.75em;" type="instagram"] [x_icon style="margin: 0 2px; font-size: 1.75em;" type="pinterest-square"] [x_icon style="margin: 0 2px; font-size: 1.75em;" type="pinterest-square"] Save Save

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