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Free Desktop Downloads from AD Aesthetic • Eclipse   Hey everyone, it's Ashley here with some FREE desktop and phone wallpapers for August. If you're a new reader, you should know that each month Dawn and I pick a theme in order to bring you two original desktop wallpaper designs. You can then download them and dress up your phone and/or computer to fit your mood or the season. Be sure to check out all of our previous designs here. [x_custom_headline type="center" level="h6" looks_like="h6" accent="true"]This month's free desktop theme: Eclipse[/x_custom_headline] This month marks the Great American Total Solar Eclipse. An event during which the skies will darken along a path spanning from Oregon all the way to South Carolina. Guess what that means for Nebraska? Here we find ourselves lucky enough to be in the path of totality. The path runs diagonally across the entire state! So, we don't even have to drive more than 40 miles to witness the eclipse. In fact, my hometown of Kearney is smack dab in the middle of the path, and my parents are expecting family and visitors from all over the country. This is kind of a big deal. To commemorate the day, Dawn and I found it only fitting that we create eclipse themed wallpapers for August. Go grab yours now!  
Free Desktop Downloads from AD Aesthetic • Eclipse by Ashley  
Eclipse by Ashley

[download id="4273"][download id="4275"]

Free Desktop Downloads from AD Aesthetic • Eclipse by Dawn
Eclipse by Dawn

[download id="4277"][download id="4279"]

Do you have plans to watch the eclipse? I have a friend who is lucky enough to have her birthday on the 21st. I'm fairly certain my plan is to celebrate that by enjoying the view from a campsite in the middle of nowhere Nebraska. Sounds nice, yeah? Both Dawn and I switch out our desktop wallpapers frequently. If you're of the same mindset, and are looking for fresh new desktop looks each month, be sure to check out our library of free desktop wallpapers. If you have any fun ideas for themes to use in the upcoming months, be sure to let us know in the comments! *Ashley's signature   Please note: These original desktop designs are ©AD Aesthetic, LLC, and are intended for personal digital use only. Designs may not be reproduced, used for commercial purposes, or used in any other manner without written permission from AD Aesthetic. Save Save Save

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