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Hello there! It's Ashley, here with our newest set of wallpaper designs! Each month, Dawn and I pick a theme at random in order to bring you two original designs for both your phone and computer. All you have to do is check back each month, click on the design you want to download and dress your tech! It’s that easy.

Today we are hopping back into our color series with the color green. Naturally, we are working through the colors in rainbow order (like there's any other way). So, if you missed your favorite color (red, orange, or yellow), be sure to check out our freebies page where you can always find all of our wallpaper designs. Now, onto the color green! 

This month's theme: Green

Another one of my favorites, green is a generally soothing color because of its associations with nature. Each spring as the frozen tundra that is winter starts to thaw, plants slowly come back to life by sprouting fresh green leaves. It is this seasonal change that gives the color its most common association – life. The color of growth and renewal, green often creates feelings of harmony, hope and optimism within the viewer. 

Conversely though, due to its associations with the green-backed American dollar, the color has also come to symbolize wealth and ambition. Specifically, darker shades of green represent greed, envy, and jealousy. This is primarily due to the connotations the color has with things being fresh and new, therefore, better. Thus we have the phrases,  "greener pastures" and "the grass is always greener". 

For today's designs, Dawn and I have both focused on the color's association with plants and growth. Dawn's design is hopeful and optimistic symbolizing future growth in the face of oppression – from tiny seeds, mighty oaks grow. In contrast, my design highlights my lack of a green thumb, and my inability to keep my plants alive despite the best of intentions. Check them out and let us know which design resonates most with you? 

Green by Ashley

Green by Dawn

There you have it, our interpretations of the color green. Come back next month to see what the color blue has to offer. 

PS. Check back next month for a new design. While you wait, you can browse our library of wallpaper designs and other freebies here.

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