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Hey there, Ashley here with a fresh new set of wallpaper designs! Each month, Dawn and I pick a theme at random in order to bring you two original designs for both your phone and computer. All you have to do is check back each month, click on the design you want to download and dress your tech to fit your mood or the season. It’s that easy. Dawn and I are both constantly switching up our desktops, so if you’re anything like us, you’ll want to check out our library of previous designs too. This month, we've decided to try something new and a little more open-ended. If you click around our site for a bit, you'll notice fairly quickly that we're HUGE FANS of color and we're about to bring you A LOT of it! That's right, we're starting a color series of desktop designs, beginning with the first color of the rainbow, red!   [x_custom_headline type="center" level="h6" looks_like="h6" accent="true"]This month's free desktop theme: Red[/x_custom_headline] Red is a bold color often associated with love, passion, and drama. Its intensity makes it a complicated color that conjures up many emotions ranging the gamut from love and desire to danger, agitation, and anger. It is intense and eye-catching, highly visible it focuses the viewer's attention quickly — one of the reasons why it's used for stoplights and stop signs as well as on emergency response vehicles such as ambulances and fire trucks. In this country, combine red with blue and it suddenly becomes intensely patriotic. With all of those different meanings, color me surprised to find that both of our designs feature bright red fruit! Honestly, what are the chances?! I should mention that red has also been shown to stimulate the appetite, probably because of delicious red fruits like apples and berries ;). Just try not to get hungry after viewing these red wallpapers.

Free Desktop Downloads from AD Aesthetic • Red by Ashley
Red by Ashley

[download id="6012"][download id="6014"]

Red by Dawn

[download id="6007"][download id="6009"]

There you have it; our take on the color red. What emotions does the color bring up in you? Stay tuned for next month's theme, the color orange. Catch ya then! *Ashley's signature   PS. Check back next month for a new design. While you wait, you can browse our library of wallpaper designs and other freebies here.   Please note: These original desktop designs are ©AD Aesthetic, LLC, and are intended for personal digital use only. Designs may not be reproduced, used for commercial purposes, or used in any other manner without written permission from AD Aesthetic. Save Save Save Save Save

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