New Products in the Shop — Pins galore!

Glampersand Enamel Pin by AD Aesthetic • <u></u>In case you missed our Instagram announcement (are you following us on Instagram yet??), we just added FIVE NEW PINS to our shop! We're super excited about these fun new additions, so click on your favs below and check them out. ;) [gallery type="square" size="full" ids="•-AD-Aesthetic-2.jpg|$12 — Click to Shop!,•-AD-Aesthetic.jpg|$12 — Click to Shop!,•-AD-Aesthetic-5.jpg|$10 — Click to Shop!,•-AD-Aesthetic-3.jpg|$10 — Click to Shop!,•-AD-Aesthetic-4.jpg|$10 — Click to Shop!"] While we're obviously still partial to our Nasty Woman pins and Safety Squad pins, it was fun to focus on some other themes this time around, and turn out something totally different. I'm particularly fond of  the sparkly glitter enamel of the Glampersand pin. We've also paid homage to our love of graphic design by offering three designer special pins as a package deal in case you're on the fence. Designer's Enamel Lapel Pins • Set of 3 Pins by AD Aesthetic • <u></u> So what's your favorite? I'm definitely kind of obsessed... and my mind is already racing with new ideas for more pins. You know what they say: Makers gonna make! *Dawn's signature Save Save Save Save

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