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Hey there new friends! It’s Ashley, and today I’m here to introduce you to one of the topics I’m most excited to bring to our lovely blog – travel! I have got the travel bug big time! Seriously, nothing gets me more inspired than a trip to a new place. So when I came across HomeAway, a vacation rental company, I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to talk to you about two of my favorite things, travel and fashion.

Summer Travel Style • AD Aesthetic

Since it’s officially summer now, everyone is gearing up for their summer vacations. If you aren’t road tripping across the country, like I just did (watch this space for more to come on my recent adventure West), you’ll likely find yourself amongst a sea of strangers at the airport. It’s so easy to get caught up in the excitement of packing for your trip that you completely overlook what to wear on your travel day. I’m here to tell you this is the most important day to plan for!

Traveling through the airport isn't always fun, with airport security lines, crowds of people and constantly having to rush somewhere only to sit and wait for hours, it's important to feel comfortable. Plus, there is nothing worse than being the person who holds up the airport security line while you untie the lace up boots you thought were a good idea or spending your 4 hour flight shivering because you dressed for the humid weather at your destination and forgot that airplanes are cold. With so many factors to consider, properly planning your wardrobe is essential for your trip though the skies, so here are a few tips from Dawn and I to get you started:

What to wear while traveling • AD Aesthetic


— On Ashley — Hat • Vintage - Stella Collective Scarf • Forever 21 Button-down • PacSun Jeans • Madewell Shoes • Target Glasses • Warby Parker Watch • Withings Activite Pop

— On Dawn — Button-down • Old Navy Tank • Old Navy Leggings • Champion Shoes • Gap Sunglasses • Target Earrings • Stella & Dot Necklace • Banana Republic Factory Bag • Fossil


Travel Style by AD Aesthetic

Comfort Comfort is key for a long day of travel. Sitting through a 4 hour flight in pants that are too tight is uncomfortable and unnecessary. That's why we both opted for our favorite pair of pants: mine, a well-worn pair of ripped jeans with just enough give, and Dawn, a pair of sporty black leggings (or as she calls them- socially acceptable sweatpants). Running to catch your next flight in flip-flops or heels is just downright impractical, so you'll notice we both chose a pair of slip-on black sneakers that are both comfortable and easy to slip on and off for that trip through airport security.  

Travel Style by AD Aesthetic

Layers The weather at your destination isn’t always going to match up with the weather at home, so wear layers! Being able to quickly add to or take away an item will keep you equally comfortable in the humidity and warm on the chilly plane. I chose to layer a denim button down over a t-shirt dressed up with a scarf (more on that in a bit), while Dawn opted for a lighter linen shirt with a fun pattern over a comfy tri-blend tank.

Travel Style by AD Aesthetic

Accessories It’s also important to be strategic when it comes to accessories, as almost everything you put on has to be removed as you make your way through the security line. I tend to avoid belts or things with buckles and stick to items that are easy to slip on and off like a big comfy scarf that can also be folded up to double as a pillow on the plane. Dawn chose a very flexible necklace and basic studs that can be dressed up or down and worn with almost any outfit in her suitcase, avoiding the need to pack and subsequently untangle multiple pieces. And of course, don't forget to grab a big bag to stuff full of books, headphones, crosswords, or whatever you use to keep yourself entertained throughout the flight. 

Travel Style by AD Aesthetic

Hair If you are anything like me, you’ve likely scheduled yourself for the first flight out of the day, and you'll need to be at the airport at an ungodly hour of the morning. Because my hair is naturally curly, it’s pretty unruly when I wake up, so whenever I travel early, I just reach for my trusty hat to save time and cover up the frizz (I picked this wool one up at a local thrift-shop). Dawn has similar naturally curly hair issues, so she went for a messy bun that's quick, easy and looks great! 

Travel Style by AD Aesthetic

What about you, do you have any airport style tips? Where are you headed this summer? HomeAway has some unbelievably gorgeous rental properties to accommodate you on your travels, so get out there and see the world! Happy vacationing!

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P.S. – We were not paid or perked to write this post. We just genuinely love travel and fashion.

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