Dawn's House: Installing Porcelain Tile

Hey there, friends! Wow, I've been super bad about posting home/project updates here lately. It's so odd how things evolve. AD Aesthetic has kind of taken a big turn towards focusing on our products, because we have so much fun with them. And I love that! But it does leave less time for blogging and DIY projects in general. Anyway, that's not to say that we aren't both still working away to create our dream homes on a budget. More like just offering up a viable excuse in case we don't get around to posting full blog tutorials quite as often as we want to. ;) So on to the main event! I actually completed this project several months ago, but haven't found the time until now to sit down and sum everything up the way I would like to. In case you missed the first couple of steps in my master bathroom makeover, you can read here about how I spray painted the counter tops, and here about how I painted the vanity. The next step was doing something about the horrendous carpeted flooring. Yes, carpet in a bathroom. I don't know either.

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I had decided way back when on the tile I wanted to use. It is the Style Selections Aspen Sunset Porcelain Slate Floor and Wall Tile from Lowes, and is the same tile we used when we redid our guest bathroom. Although it isn't anything super fancy, it has been great in our guest bathroom, and I like the color variation and scale, plus I think it's a good neutral base for this room. I also really liked the offset pattern we did in that room, so I had planned to replicate it here also. I think having both bathrooms on the second floor of the house have matching tile is nice too. It creates some consistency and keeps everything from feeling too disjointed. We had purchased a couple of boxes of extra tile when we did the guest bathroom, so to complete this space, we just needed a few more.
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Leveling the floor
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Laying cement board
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Fitting tile
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Grouting and Finishing
Next up on the list is wallpaper stripping, wall patching, and new paint. As a refresher, here are my plans for this room:
  1. Update dated counter top
  2. Paint vanity
  3. Update vanity hardware
  4. New faucets
  5. Remove wallpaper
  6. New lighting fixtures
  7. New mirrors (I have these purchased and just waiting to be put in!!!)
  8. Paint walls
  9. Add storage (there is NONE in here!)
  10. Remove carpet/vinyl and add new tile floors
  11. Add modern tile accents around tub, shower, and vanity
  12. Install new hardware (towel bars, shower curtain, etc.)
  13. Fix shower so it’s usable (I’m going to gloss over this for now, but will explain this completely separate issue some other time.. uhg.)
  14. Final decor touches
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