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  Hey there lovely readers, it's Ashley here with a fresh new set of wallpaper designs! Each month, Dawn and I pick a theme at random in order to bring you two original designs for both your phone and computer. All you have to do is check back each month, click on the design you want to download and dress your tech to fit your mood or the season. It's that easy. Dawn and I are both constantly switching up our desktops, so if you're anything like us, you'll want to check out our library of previous designs too. As for today's freebies, being that June is Pride Month, the theme is naturally rainbow!   [x_custom_headline type="center" level="h6" looks_like="h6" accent="true"]This month's free desktop theme: Rainbow[/x_custom_headline] Each June, the LGBTQ community celebrates Pride Month by flying the rainbow flag, and participating in fun events and parades across the globe; however, it's important to remember that the celebration is actually deeply rooted in the civil rights struggle that activists continue to fight. In the years following the Stonewall riots of June 1969, civil rights activism spread, and the now well-known rainbow flag was born. In 1978, Harvey Milk, the first openly gay man elected to public office in California, tasked artist and activist Gilbert Baker with creating an emblem of the queer community to replace the previously used pink triangle, which took on a sinister meaning when Nazis used it to identify homosexuals. Milk wanted to unite the community under a symbol that could represent pride, rather than shame, in being different. Today, the rainbow flag represents that pride, and is also used to express political solidarity with the LGBTQ community. As a women-owned business with one owner who is a proud member of the LGBTQ community, and the other a proud supporter, we’re spending Pride Month celebrating love and inclusivity for everyone (and rocking our Pride Patches all month while we do it!), so we deemed Rainbow to be the perfect theme for June's wallpaper designs this year (see our Pride desktops from last year here). Enjoy!
Rainbow by Ashley

[download id="5747"][download id="5744"]

Rainbow by Dawn

[download id="5751"][download id="5754"]

We hope you enjoy these colorful desktops as much as we enjoyed making them! What are you doing to celebrate Pride this month? ;) Until next time, *Ashley's signature   PS. Check back next month for a new design. While you wait, you can browse our library of wallpaper designs and other freebies here. We do this each month, so if you have a fun idea for a future theme, be sure to leave a comment and let us know!   Please note: These original desktop designs are ©AD Aesthetic, LLC, and are intended for personal digital use only. Designs may not be reproduced, used for commercial purposes, or used in any other manner without written permission from AD Aesthetic. Save Save Save Save Save

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